Access to Higher Education Diploma: Science

The Access to Higher Education Diploma in Science provides the underpinning knowledge and skills needed to progress to an undergraduate course in a science-related field. As well as covering all aspects of science - physics, biology, chemistry and maths, there is a strong focus on developing the necessary skills for university. Subjects covered are English, Maths, Study Skills, Physics, Biology, Chemistry

You can fund an Access course by taking out an Advanced Learner loan from the government. If you take out a loan for an Access course, then complete a university degree course, you will not have to pay your Access loan back.

Entry Requirement:

Due to the intensive nature of Access courses, students are required to demonstrate English and Maths skills at Level 2 by either achieving a grade C or grade 4 or above, Fucntional skills Level 2 or through a written assessment.

If you do not hold a Level 2 qualification you can demonstrate this by completing an English and maths assessment at the college.

Where does it lead:

Study at university for a degree in physiotherapy, radiography, biomedicine, environmental science, nutrition, dietetics, engineering, physics, maths, chemistry, pharmacy and biology. Some of these degrees can lead onto medical degrees and science or maths teaching degrees.

Who is the course available for: